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Wait what?! changing statement made.

As you see I didn't let it stop me, but it halted my progress for way too long. I let someone's version of who I was and who I could be stop me. 

That taught me a valuable lesson.

I was the kid who always tried to hide the paint drips/smudges on the carpet from my latest masterpiece and lived for my weekly art class.

The rest of my life became finding a way to do the things I loved...creating and helping people. 

I wasn't supposed to be who I am today..

Until my college graphic design teacher told me I'd never be a designer in the real world....

That's what I'm here for -- to help you channel your inner brilliance better known
as your "special sauce" into a tangible brand.

So you don't have to just dream of what that could look like, let's put it into action!

 Behind this creative machine is a book lover, sports fan, sugar addict, Food Network fan, dog mom, self-proclaimed foodie, beer geek and wife to my own superhero.

I’ve also been known to supplement my caffeine fix (tea please) with a nice dark and stormy or old-fashioned cocktail….it’s 5’ o’clock somewhere right?!?

Let No one dim your shine, even if they can't see the the brightness within you.

Finally got solid on what I do well, who I do it for, creating a side partnership with an amazing marketer and friend  (love ya V) and growing not only something amazing but stepping into my own brilliance.


After the end of the stationery business and dissolving that partnership. I began reinventing myself and figuring it all stationery or not to stationery that is the question? I decided to combine my skills/education/and side projects to being diving into brand design and strategy and some print (because you can never take the print out the girl -- hence the business name "The Printed Orchid").


In the midst of balancing a government job, getting a masters degree, and starting a stationery company with a college friend after helping her with her wedding. This was the beginning of my dive into having a design career beyond just doing a few jobs on the side.


I graduated college and moved back home with no clear direction on what life should look like or my career should be outside of finding a way to pay my looming student loan bill. I learned a ton of practical skills during this time, starting in retail and then transitioning to government. 


2003, was the official unofficial start into my creative career by way of the start of my undergraduate education. I was a graphic design major and a sociology minor and this ended up being some of the most pivotal 4 years of my life. 


From the creative unknown, a failed stationery business to creating brand identities for dope business owners like you 

my artistic journey

Progress is a process, everything has its place.

Being open and authentic allows for so much growth.

Simplicity is key, more is not always more.

Move with passion and intentionality - duality is a plus.

Being you and choosing you is always a win

my business (and life) values

get to know me better

get to know me better

get to know me better

get to know me better

Take a peek inside my little black book

get to know me better

Richard the proverbial pain in my butt but fills my heart too. Plus he's right beside me when I create all amazing things.

My amazing husband J because of his unwavering support, love and he always knows exactly what I want to eat (cause, thats love).

my greatest loves



My 94' Jeep Cherokee


Teal (check the hair)


Chai Tea


Mac & Cheese


T.I/Big K.RI.T




Old Fashioned


 I refuse to choose 


Favorite things

Take a peek inside my little black book

get to know me better

(Just kidding just more about little ol' me)

Chrissie riese - data driven rebel

Everything is in total alignment - I love it all. Truly - I don't think I've ever been so smitten with something so quickly.

Now that I've worked with Terrica once...I don't want to work with anyone else. She just gets it. Easily one of the top 5 investments I've made for my business. 

Holy fucking shit, you totally nailed it. I'm literally 🤯

(please use that as a testimonial, lol)


Terrica's easy going and flexible work style is paired with an attention to detail and eye for design that makes for a wonderful partnership in the design of your brand. I would definitely suggest working with her for any of your design needs!
She's a true pro.

The BEST thing I gained was a beautiful suite of materials that have given me the confidence to go out there and promote myself and my business.


I appreciate the last minute help on this project. My expectation was BEYOND exceeded as I was hoping for some minor shifts and you gave me a BRAND NEW DESIGN that is AMAZING.
I'm BEYOND happy.

My entire experience was amazing... The end result was MORE than I had hoped and it was all done quickly and efficiently. I'm SO HAPPY!!!

- Tamara MacDonald

That's EXACTLY how I feel about Terrica Strozier. She is the amazing talent behind my new branding for Funnels On Fire. If you are in the market for a branding strategist & designer who is phenomenally talented, will work with you and the vision you have, and will deliver a product you want to rave about, then you need to connect with Terrica

Have you ever worked with someone and you were beyond thrilled with the product they created, the service they provided, and the entire experience from start to finish, that you wanted to shout it from the rooftops and tell all of your friends?!?

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