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A brand crafted with intention and purpose is a valuable asset to your business. It allows clients to see into the heart of your business, differentiate you from the masses, creates the foundation for a unique client experience and becomes a magnetic attractor of the audience you crave and deserve. 

As the designer here at The Printed Orchid and the face behind the name, I am a dedicated fan of simple and purposeful design and that is exactly what I'll be providing you with.

Take a look at the information below and let's start planning a design that reflects the best version of you and your business.

crafting heart-centered brand designs

If you're ready to make an impact, you're in the right place

We've got work to do!

Set the tone for the services and transform you provide my first invoking those feelings in your clients. You can do that with color, pattern, font choice basically the pieces of a well-crafted brand design. 

Truly trust the person behind your design process. I get it we've all been burned a bit along this business journey. Know truly that my heart is connected to you and your business like they were my own. 

Just finally get this off your plate, its been on your to-do list since the beginning of the year. And nothing has pushed you to pull the plug. That time is now! let me the visual partner to your business journey and let's truly craft your vision. 

Truly feel proud of your brand. I'm talking the confidence you exude when you leave the salon feeling and looking like a million bucks. Your brand should give you the same confidence.

Transform your client experience by have a solid foundation that extends not just from the logo but through all your branded materials clients come in contact with.

Leave a lasting impression on your audience, kinda like that annoying song from your childhood....yea that its stuck in your head on repeat. Let's create that feeling with potential and existing clients. 

Imagine if you could...

Stationery & Collateral


Brand Design


Let's get started crafting a brand image that impacts, connects and leaves a  lasting impression.
Below are (2) ways that you can work with me.
Wondering if we're the right fit? Take a look at our Fit Guide here.

let's work together

client-experience focused BraND Design 

Customer-Focused Brand Design

This is a complete brand identity package, that include complementary pieces that truly tell your brand story through intentional and purposeful design.


• Creative brand direction
• Primary logo, secondary logo, and submark
• Pattern
• Fonts selection
• Color Palette
• Brand Style Guide
• (2) collateral items
  - business cards, social media templates, welcome packet, opt-in

Timeline: 3-4 weeks


Stationery is a complementary piece to a solid brand design, helps you connect with your audience and adds to the visual brand identity.

Each business or event  is unique so their needs will be different. All packages are custom and tailored to the needs of the client. These can either digital, print, or a combination of both. 

Examples of stationery/collateral items:

• Welcome/Pricing Guides
• Opt-in/workbooks
• Invitation suites/day of stationery
• Business cards, letterhead, envelopes
• Course materials (workbook, guides etc.)
• Social Media templates

continuing your brand vibe thru print + digital design

Custom Stationery & Collateral

Timeline: 2-3 weeks


Want to see if we're the right fit?

Kara albritton - steadfast bookkeeping

I was shocked at the quality of the flat lay cards. I was not expecting anything like that and I absolutely love it! Your entire process from inquiry to completion has been timely, smooth and enjoyable. Your attention to the details that I wouldn't have considered or thought of  of was so appreciated. We look forward to continuing to work with you on future projects.

Everything was so beautiful!


I've loved the cards so much!! I almost sent you one as a thank you for designing them for me! But I still love them and get so many compliments on them! It really ads a fun and personal touch! Thank you for sharing your talents with me! 

Thank you for sharing your talents with me! 

This stage is all about connection and brand discovery. This will begin with the completion of a questionnaire which will give me the necessary information about your brand and the content for your project. If further information/clarification is needed a video call will be scheduled to cultivate the right vision.

Guiding Forward

Design + Refine

Discovery + connection

Now that we have a guiding light for our design process, which will include (3) rounds of revisions. I will begin by creating concepts and based upon your feedback we will refine to perfect the design. During this process collaboration and feedback are key to creating a design that you will love.

Guiding Forward

Design + Refine

Discovery + connection

After the design is finalized you will receive all agreed upon file types along with a brand style guide that will aid in guiding further brand design. From here, we move on to the branded stationery and coordination for print. The end goal is a brand that is consistent throughout and truly represents your vision.

Guiding Forward

Design + Refine

Discovery + connection

Dive a bit into what its like to work with me

My Process

While I understand that sometimes a large investment is hard to make in the beginning. Know that piecing together your brand is not my preferred route. Creating a cohesive brand is the best way to move the needle.

You want just a logo


If you have a un-yielding vision of what your brand should look like and only needs a designer to "do the work and make it pretty". Then sorry I'm not the designer for you. This process encompasses my training and strategy not just a body to do the work.

Not open to new ideas


We've all been there where the vision is hazy and by all means I'm there to assist in clearing that vision. However, if you are unclear on who you serve, the future vision you have for your brand or have not been in business long. I'm not the best fit for you.

You lack clarity


This is a collaborative process and takes both sides meeting in the middle to truly craft a unique brand. Openness and flexibility are key to crafting this design vision. If you want a say in ever piece of the process that may prove difficult as trust is my skills and knowledge paramount.

Giving up control is hard to do



Are we a good fit?

These are some of the key components of working with me.
I completely understand if they don't match up for you and your vision.
I love to be of service and if I'm not the right fit please still send a message.
 I would love to help you find a designer who will connect all the boxes for you.